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I love your creative whimsy. Corrine suggested I look at your website.
Mary Wahl - 14 May 2016
Finally got here & it's great! Looking forward to watching it groW!
Peggy Barrett Robinson - 26 Feb 2015
Wonderful work Marie. Glad to see some of your more recent pieces. Congratulations on developing your website - it looks great!
Corinne Slinger - 30 Nov 2014
Beautiful work Marie,you are so talented! Love all the colour combinations!
Hanneke Weaver - 26 Nov 2014
Beautiful, Marie !
Anita Vanderwal - 24 Nov 2014
OMG the colours. I love the Paul Klee one! Before we arrived he came to Algiers and painted the Casbah, lived in a house up the hill from ours. I love his work. These pieces have Personality!!!
Anne Hopkinson - 23 Nov 2014
Oh Marie, I just love your work and the website works really well. Shows off the work well and gives good information. Beautiful pieces.
Naomi Macey - 23 Nov 2014
Wonderful work by a wonderful person.
Claudia Mimick - 22 Nov 2014
Wonderful work Marie and congratulations on the development of your WEBSITE.
Mary Ann Grant - 22 Nov 2014
Wonderful work, Marie. Very free and thoughtful. Makes one pause in how we see look at life around us. Don
Don Grant - 21 Nov 2014
Whimsical, playful, mischievous work. Curiously fantastical shapes with an eccentric youthful and quirky feel. Quite deliciously unconventional and outlandishly fun! Thank You Tanta
Tanta DeStaffany Pennington - 21 Nov 2014
Wonderful to have an update to your most recent work. We love it!
Margareta & KG - 21 Nov 2014
Really beautiful story quilts and dolls. I love Cuppa it reminds me of many wonderful walks at the cabin on the Bow that Naomi and I shared.
Katherine Mclean - 21 Nov 2014
Great website. Congratulations. Your work looks great and it's nice to see how professional you are. I really do like the quilts displayed...even if they are sold! :-)
Dianne Hunter - 21 Nov 2014
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