marie kajdasz


Marie Kajdasz is an award winning fibre artist living in Victoria, British Columbia. After studying Art and Interior Design at Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario, she graduated from York University with an honors degree in Visual Arts, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto.

Though she started quilting in a traditional manner, Marie now creates one of a kind art quilts, story dolls, and felted images. Her pieces are machine pieced or hand appliquéd, hand or machine quilted, and include both hand and machine embroidery.

Marie has taught and lectured at numerous quilting and stitching guilds. She has exhibited her work in solo, invitational and juried exhibits, in galleries and public spaces at both national and international levels. Her work has been seen in many publications and is included in collections in Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong.


Artist Statement

My well of inspiration contains influences such as children’s literature, studies in art history and design, and world travel. By applying imagination and intuition, my whimsical flavoured imagery emerges to tell the viewer a story. Using technical skills honed in different media, I marry them with creative stitch to create a relationship with composition and colour. This has allowed me to develop a distinct and personal style of communication in my fibre art.